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We are specializing in providing guaranteed loans for unemployed People UK.

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Don't wait longer for days and weeks! Apply with Payday Junction and get cash within 1 Hour!

Save your time by applying online. Unemployed laons online mode of application makes you free from lengthy paperwork, formalities and faxing. You are required to fill up an online form only.

We suppose in fair game! Everyone can face money crisis at any time and we're here to help them by providing on the spot high approval loan. No paperwork. No faxing. No phone calls..

Approved funds are quickly credited to the specified bank accounts of successful applicants via online transfer. The repayment occurs automatically at the scheduled time as per the online loan agreement you ink with the credit lender you deal with.

Payday Juncation Services that Payday Loans Provide

Claim benefits with our services at Payday Junction. Our usually charge a fee instead of an interest rate with high acceptance unemployed payday loans direct lenders. More services


Doorstep Loans

Payday Junction is provided unemployed loans at your doorstep. We help you to deal with unexpected financial problems without seeking any external help.

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Loans for Unemployed

Unemployment can knock at the door or people at any time. It means you have no job which gives a stable income every month.

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Guaranteed Payday Loans

Guaranteed payday loans offer a great chance for people on benefits to strengthen their credit scores by pay off the borrowed funds on the due date.

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12 Month Loans

With Payday Junction borrow a 12 month loans, no credit checks, fast decision, and cash ... anywhere in the UK within 1 hour.

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Loans for People on Benefits

Loans for people on benefits work as a helping hand for people living on benefits in the UK. They are entitled to borrow small funds through these cash advances.

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1 Hour Loans

Searching for a 1 hour loans of up to £2000 with the fast payout? Then use our Payday Junction calculator to work out the repayment costs of the loan.

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Unemployed Loans People UK

Are you an unemployed looking for urgent monetary assistance to meet your unforeseen expenses? Must consider unemployed payday loans. It is almost clear from the name only that this loan is very useful for unemployed people. Payday Junction provides you cash in least possible time to cover your urgency.

Loan for Unemployed Check Eligibility, Interest Rates & Apply Now

Individuals like you can obtain same day cash under very special loan plans such as loans for unemployed people. Payday Junction plans are constituted with the specific purpose of providing financial relief to jobless people so as to enable them to meet their dire needs. You can borrow the entire amount that you require urgently if you are confident that you can repay the same. Payday Junction offer fast cash advance payday loans with customer-friendly terms for repayment so that you will not be overburdened during your days of unemployment. Moreover, interest over guaranteed loans for unemployed is charged at very concessional rates.

Payday Junction conditions of eligibility for availing loans for the unemployed include attainment of 18 years of age and status as permanent resident of UK. In order to facilitate immediate online transfer of the loan amount applicant should have a valid account in a bank.

Repayment is No Burden, No Collateral Required

By taking loan from Payday Junction, you can be sure that repayment is no burden. Cash loans today for unemployed help you get loans at flexible terms and ensure that you can repay the loan easily. By using the money, you can meet your urgent expenses and overcome your financial burden. Unemployed loans offer flexible, fast, and easy to repay loans.

Payday loan direct lender UK do not require you to collateral anything for taking loans from us. On benefits need a loan today direct lender connect you with loan providers who offer you loans without any complicated conditions? You can avail cash advance from us even if you do not have property or other valuables to pledge with no credit check loans instant decision. You can easily be unsecured loans when you are in urgent monetary emergency.

Get Cash at your Doorstep, Say Good bye to Paperwork Same Day Payout

Whether you need cash to survive the period of unemployment, or need money to pay your utility bills, you can easily get loans at doorstep through us. You can avail loans through us while sitting from the comfort of your home. You need not borrow cash from your relatives or friends and feel embarrassed, as we allow you to take loans with the simple click of the mouse.

Payday Junction help you get cash that you can use to pay your medical bills, pay your kid's school fee, buy groceries, or fulfill other monetary obligations. Emergency loans with no job are not bothered how you spend your money. Once your payday loan is approved, we assure you that the cash will be transferred to your account within 24 hours.

Important Information You Should Always Keep In Mind

  • 📜 Get started with PaydayJunction only when you are out of funds and need additional cash immediately for meeting unavoidable financial needs,
  • 📜 The APR rate of short-term finances is always higher than the interest rates of traditional loans.
  • 📜 Don't take such cash advances to pay back other loans because you will be trapped in an endless cycle of debt.

Payday Junction's Unemployed Loans Best Features:

Effortless & simple online application (Max 2 minutes only)
Fastest approval up to for £100 - £5000
Same day funding, 97.8% approval rate
Bad credit history, we don't credit check
Flexible repayment options, during unemployment
No need of Guarantor or Collateral
Funds directly deposited into your bank account (1 hour)

Ready to apply with Payday Junction? Just hit the button below!

We believe in security. In fact, PaydayJunction.co.uk uses bank-level encryption FAQs to keep your information safe, so rest assured that your private monetary information will stay private.

You will need to provide some personal details so please make sure you read our terms & conditions and privacy pages.

Terms Privacy
Approval takes no longer than few Minutes and usually customers get a positive answer
Most of the cases with positive answers are due to correct personal information sent by customers
After the loan approval you will receive the money in your bank account in no more than 1 hour

It only takes 15 minutes to set up. Once your profile is set up, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have access to fast cash when you require it.

If you'd prefer to apply over the phone, our talented team is always ready to assist Give us a call and learn why Payday Junction scores a 4.5/5 on Best Companies by Reviews.


Some Most Common Questions Of Our Applicants Are:

What is Payday Junction?

We are online mediators and we work with experienced lenders. Urgent cash loans for unemployed aim at helping you to reach out for the most convenient loan choice that suits your financial stability and fulfills your needs.

When is the best time to apply with Payday Junction?

Payday Junction is accessible 24 hours and 7 days a week. So, you can reach us any time you realize need for money. Loans for unemployed have a step by step application form which can be obtained from our site online from anywhere.

How will I be repaying my loan debts?

Loan repayment will be quite convenient since here you will get a lengthy term to pay back the money that has been lent by the lenders. On fixed date the loan amount will automatically debit your checking account and you need not have to bother much. So, it will be your responsibility to confirm whether or not the required sum is available in your account on due date.

What should I do if I cannot repay on time?

In this situation you should contact lender who will re-schedule your repayment date and let you know about this. You must know that if you are not available for timely repayment of loans then lenders will charge heavy penalties and interest rates will also accrue at the same rate.

How will I know if I am approved loans or not?

After you submit application at unemployed loans today you will be updated about the proceedings from time to time and on approval you will be notified from your bank itself that the loan money has been successfully transferred to your bank account.

An Excellent Option from Traditional Way of Borrowing

Best Way to Borrow Quick cash! Now no more stress….no more phone calls…. no more faxing documents…. Payday Junction solve your money worries within 15 minutes.

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